Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wii'd like to play

Finally got my hands on a Wii console at a local Target store after a week long Wii-hunt. Why would such a relatively easy to make (compare to XBOX360 and PS3 --- not saying that it's less fun though) game console still at shortage almost three months after launch is beyond comprehension. Nintendo and the speculative resellers must have got into some kind of implicit collusion: by limiting the shippment and contributing to the shortage, Nintendo could get some free marketing exposure as media report how people stand inline 6am in the morning to buy a Wii --- XBOX360 and PS3 both pulled such stunt during their releases; and the ebayers will scoop up whatever amount comes to available on retailers' shelfs, put them up on ebay and earn a hefty profit. Besides, the return policy of the retailers always serves as a put option-alike protection. It's not hard to imagine that thousands of Wii consoles are seating in the closets of ebayers as we speak. Anyway, I'm now waiting to receive the The Legend of Zelda for the real fun to begin... Here are some tips on how to locate a Wii:

  • The Wii-tracker tracks the availability of Wii console and bundles (very bad deal, I have to say) on major online retailers.
  • Target has been the only retailer that has a relatively steady flow of shipments. Check the availability of Wii in Target local store here (check zip code to your location).
  • And this thread on Fatwallet.