Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Solving the Enterprise Architecture puzzle

The best articles(one, two) I have read on AJAX, SOA and EDA in the context of Enterprise Architecture. Most of the time, the nature of these technologies is much simpler than the marketing gurus would like us to believe (I understand ROI is important. But a paper talks about nothing but ROI hardly helps on that front). Or the arguments about the literal of terms ("SOA and EDA, who is the father" type, do I sense another StarWars comic?). SOA and EDA are simple design patterns, or reusable designs to solve common problems. (I always think of EDA as some combination of the old "chain of responsibility" and "observer" patterns). While SOA is a pattern focusing on decoupling the functioning components and implementing a tight control relationship among them, EDA focuses on integrating loosely-coupled components and services. The following graph from the article summerizes it nicely: UPDATE: Among the comments of the original article, Gerry posted:

Come on guys, this is trivial stuff. SOA and EDA are NOT rocket science. SOA is just another way of enforcing loose coupling and high cohesion. EDA is so trivial (and as a concept has been around for decades) that I can't believe its being bandied around as the 'next big thing'. Sigh, I think I've been in this business too long.
My feeling exactly.