Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The top 10 traders by Trader Daily

The top 10 traders with highest estimated income by Trader Daily. This is also mentioned in today's WSJ. Interestingly, the top trader, John Arnold, got to the top by taking opposite position as Brian Hunter, the trade who is responsible for the collapse of hedge fund Amaranth. Hunter himself was on the same top trader list last year...

NameCityFirmAgeEst. Income
John ArnoldHoustonCentaurus Energy33$1.5-2B
James SimonsEast Setaucket, New YorkRenaissance Technologies Corp.68$1.5-$2B
Eddie LampertGreenwich, ConnecticutESL Investments44$1-1.5B
T. Boone PickensDallasBP Capital78$1B-1.5
Stevie CohenStamford, ConnecticutSAC Capital Advisors50$1B
Stephen FeinbergNew YorkCerberus Capital47$800-900M
Paul Tudor JonesGreenwich, ConnecticutTudor Investment Corp.53$700-800M
Bruce KovnerNew YorkCaxton Associates62$700-800M
Israel EnglanderNew YorkMillennium Management58$600-700M
David ShawNew YorkD.E. Shaw & Co.55$600-700M