Friday, June 22, 2007

Microsoft .NET StockTrader

Microsoft just released .NET StockTrader, an end-to-end sample trading solution, at SIFMA.

The application and its source code are not yet available for download. Judging from its technical overview paper, the design is a very standard n-tier, SOA solution:

  • Web Application Layer (UI), utilizing ASP.NET and Web Forms
  • Middle layer Business Services Layer (BSL), utilizing stateless C# classes
  • Data Access Layer (DAL), utilizing ADO.NET and stateless C# classes

The design focus is on the business layer, with WCF based webservices implementation (transaction processing, interoperability, scalability, etc).

Microsoft has not put any of the cool stuff (such as WPF or SilverLight) to spice up the presentation layer, neither has it pushed the bleeding edge data access technologies (DLinq, Linq to Entities, etc).