Friday, October 12, 2007

Certified Scrum Master

Got certified this passed weekend. The training course was taught by Ken Schwaber, the master himself. The case studies were very well organized, the benefit and challenge of implementing Scrum in an organization are cleared delivered to the trainees.

That being said, there is the part of me that doesn't completely agree with the "certification" process. Base on my observation, there are about a third of the trainees either have no clue about Scrum or have only read about it on paper. Another one third implemented some half baked version of Scrum (i.e. Backlog but no daily Scrum meeting, Assigned ScrumMaster but no clear role of product owner, etc). And only the one third left being hardcore Scrum practitioners. Besides, there is really nothing stopping one from have nice chats with people during the two days, enjoy the food and "woof" your way out of the door being "certified". It's hard to believe that all these people can now take the responsibility of being the change proxy for the organization. In my mind, being "certified" implies there is going to be a bar set to be cleared. Well, maybe it's just me...