Monday, October 8, 2007

Notes on the infrastructure of WPF

A Four hour train ride to Boston is the pefect timing to do some catch up reading on WPF, and there had been a few thoughts popping up somewhere in Conneticut and Rhode Islands. Some notes to check on later:

  • The entire Dependency Properties, Attached Properties and Routed Events framework is great. But what does it take to move these components out of the WPF framework and into your application? How much do they depend on WPF (UIElements, etc)? I know this is not easy, as WF has got a separate system for it.
  • As the same time, this framework is actually bringing C#/.Net many steps closer to a scripting language (I.E. objects are no more than a group of loosely typed hashtables). Is there any real disadvantage to this approach, aside from performance?
  • The Automation Peers are more than a natural way to perform unit tests on GUI components. Are there any related products/frameworks available from Microsoft or someone else?