Thursday, January 24, 2008

Players in the back office of wall street

Some players I have learnt recently in the course of my work:

  • DTCC Deriv/SERV: Providing matching and settlement services for OTC derivatives, notably, credit default swaps. An interesting point is that DTCC provids the Master Confirmation Agreements on these CDS trades so that its participants can delivery trade confirmations in the "short form", and avoid signing bilateral confirmation agreements with each dealers.
  • CLS Bank: Performs settlement and netting for FX transations on a global basis, which greatly reduces counter party risks compare to the more traditional way of settling FX trades (i.e. settle each leg of the transation separately).
  • Prime Broker and Give-up Trades: When the client uses prime broker for certain FX trades, the executing broker must "give-up" trade details on these transactions to the prime broker for further process (settlement, legal confirmation, etc.)